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Dipinti Cave Building

In July 2016, the team began an archaeological excavation of the Dipinti Cave Building - a multi-roomed building that articulated with the Dipinti Cave. This structure is located a few meters north of the modern road leading up to the site. One main wall of the building (Wall 1) is still standing—it measures approximately 3 x 5 m and includes an exposed doorway and window. The remains of other walls are evident. During the excavation, the team opened up two squares to learn more about this building.

View of Dipinti Cave Building (looking northwest), prior to excavation.

Front view of Wall 1 of Dipinti Cave Building (looking north), prior to excavation.

Rear view of Wall 1 of Dipinti Cave Building (looking south), prior to excavation. Note remains of perpindicular wall (Wall 2) delineating rooms of the structure. One of the rooms of the building (Room 1) was completely excavated and another (Room 2) was partially investigated. Click on the blue buttons in the photo for more information about the work in these rooms.

Wall 1
Wall 2

Dipinti Cave

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