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Gaza Jars

Several fragments of Gaza Jars (amphorae) were recovered by the team. The jars are associated with wine production, which flourished in the Negev region in late antiquity. Different names are used for these vessels, based on the various classification systems developed by scholars of archaeological ceramics (ceramologists). For an overview, click here

Rim fragment of Gaza Wine Jar. In the classification system established by Majcherak (1995), this fragment would belong to Form 4. Our team ceramologist, Dr. Tali-Erickson Gini, made the identification.

Drawings (1:4) of two other Gaza Jar fragments found in Room 1 of the Dipinti Cave Building. The fragments are represented by the shapes filled in with black ink, which have been placed in renderings of the upper portion of the two vessels.

Intact Gaza Jars (Majcherak Form 4) from the site of Tel Yavne, excavated in 2008 by Orit Segal of the Israel Antiquities Authority. For more information on this excavation, click here

Dipinti Cave Building - Room 1

Courtesy of Israel Antiquities Authority

Drawings by Anna Dudin

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